24 October 2010

The maple tree at Jordan's parents' house is always gorgeous this time of year.

Last Thursday Jordan & I went to Purple Glaze on Brookside. Today we picked up our masterpieces!

Jordan's pumpkin & my vase!

Yeah, I'm not so sure about this...

We've decided that we're going back on November 2 in celebration of Las dias de los muertos to paint skulls! Stay tuned for those!

xx Auna

22 October 2010

While my grandparents are on vacation, Jordan & I are housesitting. While I'm waiting for him to get off work, I decided to bake Mexican wedding cookies. Although, Ron's face may seem to be backing away from the cookies, he's actually overcome with how amazing they really are.

xx Auna

19 October 2010

17 October 2010

He deserves it completely & I am super proud of him!

16 October 2010

Frozen vanilla yoghurt with fresh strawberries with balsamic vinaigrette glaze

15 October 2010

Here is the final revealing of the hallway:

Next week I still have to grout the side closest to the wall, but it's basically finished.

xx Auna

12 October 2010

May 29, 2010 vs. September 29, 2010- a 4 month difference.
My little girl is growing up.

09 October 2010

Yesterday while Grandma Lynda & I tiled, Jordan painted the bedroom. The final revealing of that room will be within the next month. For now here is a hint:

xx Auna

Here is a sneak peak of what went down yesterday:



"Jordan! Take a picture of me, so it looks like I'm working!"

The final revealing once the grout is done will be in the next couple days, so stay tuned!

xx Auna

06 October 2010

I know. I deleted posts, but I am starting over. Sooner or later I will actually have a decent update. For now, enjoy my cat.