12 July 2012


I've been trying to find a summery perfume. Sensual Amber by Bath & Body Works is my go to perfume & my all time favorite. But it's just a tad too musky for summer time.

So, since I love sunflowers I decided to try Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden. I do like it, but more than one spray is a bit overkill. 

Pleasures by Estee Lauder is next on my list. It's perfect in every way & yet I have yet to own it.

What's your favorite perfume(s)? I'd love some suggestions! 

note: These pictures were taken off of a Google search. They are not mine.

My beautiful niece has been in the hospital since Monday night with viral meningitis. It's been a long week for my brother & sister-in-law. Today she will be able to come home. I'm just so happy that she's healthy now. I  call the top picture "Fight Club baby" because she's a definite fighter. 

10 July 2012


Let me introduce to you, my dog, Dexter, also known as Bud. I have a pet name for my pet. It's sickening. He is a lab/great dane mix. The lab is definitely more apparent, but he has the great dane personality. He's the biggest goofball.

01 July 2012

Every Thursday I am usually able to schedule myself a day off. Thursdays are estate sale days. My mom & I check Craigslist & the Tulsa World for the sales then plan our route that way. So far, this game has been one of my favorite finds.

I'll try & keep this updated on my awesome finds.